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Carpet Cleaning

IWashington DC Carpet Cleaningt’s not soil, traffic or wear, although these are factors, as the reason carpets deteriorate - it is due to acid condensation (FROM OTHER CHEMICAL CLEANINGS) and improper dry soil removal. That is why a multiple-step process to clean your carpets is so important. Putting one chemical solution on the carpet and then extracting is not enough to ensure that all the solution is removed. It must be rinsed, raked and then dried properly. QualCare Cleanings 12-Step Process will give you peace-of-mind time-and-time again.


Proper scheduling and the use of same cleaning systems that remove these contaminants are the key factors in successfully maintaining your carpets for decades.

Our Knowledge, Training, and Certification

Knowledge is key in order to properly communicate and develop a plan for cleaning. QualCare technicians are knowledgeable of the various fibers that can make up the most expensive carpets, and Oriental or Persian Rugs and will mix a solution based on the composition of those fibers in order that the dye and integrity of the fibers are not damaged.


Our 12-step Carpet Cleaning Process

  • During the inspection of your carpets, we develop a carpet cleaning plan and measure the square footage for proper solution mixes and charges.
  • We vacuum the carpets with a high-suction, HEPA vacuum cleaner to remove loose particles so as to prevent “mud-making.” 
  • We use a consistent flow applicator rather than an intermittent hand pump to treat your carpets with cleaning agents for consistent results.
  • Our specially-selected solutions loosen the bond between carpet fibers and the soil and contaminants to be removed.  While strong enough to break most bonds, these solutions are formulated to neither damage the fibers of your carpet nor invalidate your manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Next we apply old-fashioned elbow grease to activate the carpet cleaning agents deep within the carpets.   We call this rub and scrub.
  • Once the activated carpet cleaning solvents have sufficient time to release the impurities from the fibers, we employ our state-of-the-art cleaning and extraction equipment.  Using heated, specially treated water and powerful suction  - generated by two, three-stage motors - we remove the dirt, grease, and grime from your carpets at about 250 PSI
  • Our process includes the utilization of acid-neutralizing, pH-balanced rinsing agents.  Here’s why.  Without the pH balanced rinse, your carpet, having been treated with cleaning solvents, becomes a veritable magnet for dirt, grease, and grime and will show dirt even more quickly than before the clean.  Our rinsed, this cycle prevents that from happening.  It costs us a little more, and means a customer doesn’t need to use us as often, but we at QualCare Cleaning believe it is the right thing to do.
  • A customer may opt for spot removal services and the spots that you were concerned about had not come up by now, we employed secondary and tertiary measures to attack them, followed again by that all-important rinse.
  • In the midst of these various steps, we moved your basic furniture (end tables, love seats, chairs, etc. but not pianos, beds, buffets or china cabinets) to get more carpet cleaned.  We’ve also posted impermeable protective pads under the legs so that the residual moisture in the carpets will not wick up into the feet of your furnishings and dyes and stains of your furnishings won’t weep onto your carpet.
  • If you chose this FREE option, we will apply a light Orange or Honeysuckle-scented deodorant.
  • We “rake” your carpet to raise its nap and facilitate drying. Optional: Utility Blower/Dryer can be used at an additional cost.
  • Finally, if you select the option to protect your carpet from wear and tear, spillage and soil, we apply our special Dupont® Teflon-based product called Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector.  This application not only enables you to clean up spills with a (highly absorbent cotton) cloth before the spill soaks in, but it also serves to protect your fine fibers from daily wear and tear.   How?

The Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector  takes the beating of foot traffic and friction, not your fibers.  As this sacrificial barrier lasts only so long, further cleaning and maintenance is recommended every 2 to 12 months, depending on lifestyle, pets, number of persons in the household, etc.



Your carpets should be dry in about 4 hours, but please wait 2 days or more before removing the pads from under furniture feet. Since these areas are not as exposed to open air, they take longer to fully dry.

Also, be aware that an area that had deeply embedded dirt or which was stained, may appear more dirty over the next few days than just after cleaning. This is due to the physically unavoidable process of “wicking” by which the clean areas at the top of the carpet fibers tends to pull impurities from below toward the top.

And keep in mind… consistent, timely cleanings by ONE COMPANY will eventually eliminate residue left behind from other methods of cleaning that you may have tried and, with the application of our Teflon Advanced Carpet Protector, may contribute to the long life of your carpets.


Water Damage

QualCare Cleaning, Inc. is experienced in cleaning carpets after water damage has occurred.


Let Professionals Clean Carpets After Water Damage

Let the professionals do the job with professional steam extractor machines. Sometimes odor lingers, and a few ozone machines can be utilized. With water damage projects, we strategically-placed dryers around the house. They filter, circulate, and purify air gradually removing all the offensive odors.

We have a highly trained staff for cleaning carpets in your home or office where damage has occurred. Some projects may take more than one day and we work hard to provide a thorough solution. We are available SAME DAY for your water extraction needs.

Our water damage services include:

  • Water extraction and removal
  • Rapid drying of carpets, rugs, mats, floors and walls
  • Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning
  • Dehumidifying the entire area
  • Mildew treatment
  • Removing odors via use of ozone equipment
  • Deodorizing and disinfecting


Our QualCare technicians are skilled in detecting and removing odors due to smoke, mildew, pets, urine, cigars, and more.  We know that not every odor is good or bad – but the Qualcare technicians neutralize the odor that YOU consider to be unpleasant.

Odors can come from many different sources and may require more than one method of deodorization.  However, no matter what the odor situation, the same fundamental principles apply in order to deodorize.

  1. Remove the odor source and all debris.
  2. Clean surfaces that have odor-causing residues on them.
  3. Recreate conditions which caused odor penetration.
  4. Seal surfaces exposed to bad odors

At QualCare Cleaning,  we know that an odor is not REALLY gone until you tell us.  However, we are confident our proven techniques; able technicians; state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment, and products will do the job!


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