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Duct Cleaning

Washington DC Duct CleaningQualCare Cleaning is equipped with the most state-of-the-art device to clean your ducts. Unlike most duct cleaning businesses who utilize a “glorified vacuum cleaner”, Qualcare utilizes ROTOBRUSH – a leader in the duct cleaning industry.


QualCare Cleaning arrives to your home with fully-certified and trained professionals. They’re training entails understanding videography and the architecture of various HVAC system duct layouts.

Every visit begins with a brief explanation of the process when/if the homeowner is available. Otherwise we begin our work and make a video document for the homeowners review.


QualCare duct cleaning is one of most popular services and our customers, on average, return to QualCare for annual service. The QualCare air duct cleaning thoroughly removes dust and debris from your entire ventilation system.


As an added value, we have the ability to deodorize, disinfect and apply an anti-fungal/moisture fighting agent.



Washington DC Air Duct CleaningWe utilize a video guided system that ensures that we aim the brushes and suction nozzle everywhere they need to go.  Further, the video system allows us to see breaks or weak spots in your ducts and vents that will need further attention and which go unnoticed by companies using lesser technologies.   The nozzle retracts all the particles loosened by the brushes and delivers them to the central unit. 


The Rotobrush®system utilizes HEPA filtration so that anything as large as 3/10ths the width of a human hair gets collected and removed from your home or office.   Breathe easy and share the video with your neighbors.


Our Process

  1. It all begins with a video inspection and consultation.
  2. Our technicians then clean your entire heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system, including the blower, evaporator coil and accessible components.
  3. Technicians remove all of your vent covers, clean them and put them back in place.
  4. Next the technicians bring in the Rotobrush®. Easily maneuvered in a household because of its size and lightweight build.
  5. Technicians use Rotobrush® (See Rotobrush® in action) in each air duct - dislodging stubborn dirt and debris by using a flexible rod with a soft-bristled brush - all controlled by the technician who is viewing the work from its mounted camera assembly. No area is left unclean. This system is the only device available that can easily navigate “flex-coil” ductwork and never damage your system.
  6. Technicians access the main trunk line and utilize the state-of-the-art Rotobrush® and compressed air procedures to ensure all parts of the ventilation system are thoroughly cleaned.
  7. A final video inspection shows you the quality of work performed.
  8. Technicians leave your home as they found it. There’s no mess left for you to clean up and everything is returned to its original location.

NOTE: A last inspection of the work can be conducted with the homeowner present, otherwise a video stream of the before and after can be requested to be sent to you.

Finally, our technicians make sure all the system is operable by turning on your air – we clean air filters and make any recommendation if in disrepair.


We will order replacement filters – just let us take your order at the time we are cleaning and we can ship them directly to you within three-five business days.


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