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Housecleaning Available by:

Maid Brigade




Qualcare Cleaning, Inc. was established after dozens of our housecleaning service customers wanted additional home maintenance services. Since 2001, we have provided quality carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window washing, and power washing to residents from Annapolis, MD to Ashburn VA, and Lorton, VA to Laytonsville, MD. We can’t wait to serve you.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Oriental/Persian Rug Specialists
Fabric Protection Treatments
Allergy Treatments
Stain & Odor Removal

Post-Construction or Post-Remodeling Cleaning
Exterior Power Washing
Interior & Exterior Window Washing

Streak-free guarantee
Screens always included



Knowledge is key in order to properly communicate and develop a plan for cleaning. QualCare Cleaning, Inc. technicians are trained to identify fibers that can make up the most expensive carpets and Oriental or Persian Rugs; present a carpet cleaning plan and then will mix a solution based on the composition of those fibers in order that the dye and integrity of the fibers of your carpet/rug so that they remain undamaged but thoroughly cleaned.

The Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector takes the beating of foot traffic and friction, not your fibers. As this sacrificial barrier lasts only so long, further cleaning and maintenance is recommended every 6 to 12 months, depending on lifestyle, pets, number of persons in the household, health (asthma, smoking) concerns, etc.



Call us about our REFRESH™ program. Maybe your furniture has been in storage; maybe it just arrived from overseas; or maybe its is a heirloom or antique piece that needs to be cleaned before restoration.

Stains, odors are not a problem. We offer a comprehensive solution to your upholstery cleaning needs. As an added benefit, the QualCare Cleaning, Inc. fabric protection process will keep your upholstery looking new.



QualCare Cleaning, Inc. technicians are CERTIFIED to perform all duct cleaning services for your home. The certification process is a combination of textbook, hands-on and classroom instruction via on-site visits to the manufacturer of the duct cleaning equipment; webinars and on-the-job-training.

We utilize a video guided system that ensures that we aim the brushes and suction nozzle everywhere they need to go. Further, the video system allows us to see breaks or weak spots in your ducts and vents that will need further attention and which go unnoticed by companies using lesser technologies. The nozzle retracts all the particles loosened by the brushes and delivers them to the central unit.

The Rotobrush® system utilizes HEPA filtration so that anything as large as 3/10ths the width of a human hair gets collected and removed from your home or office. Breathe easy and share the video with your neighbors.

And keep in mind...consistent, timely cleanings by ONE COMPANY for all your in-home surfaces will improve the overall air quality of your home. We are cleaning for your health and your family.


Power Washing



We specialize in the following surfaces for power washing.

   • Decks cleaned and preserved

Tennis/Basketball Courts
Garage Interior
(removal of grease, oil)

Exterior of Homes
Siding Types:
   • Painted Wood
   • Brick /Concrete
   • Vinyl
   • Stucco

Roof (Tarred, Clay, Metal)
Pool Areas


Parking Lots
Picnic Areas
Outdoor Courts
Barns/Butler buildings
Small Office Building(no more than 2-story’s)
Multiple-Pool Area
Parking Garages
Graffiti removal
Construction and Landscaping Equipment

The demand for power washing services around the Washington Metropolitan Area has increased for us over the years and it has presented us with many opportunities to perform different types of power washing projects. From Barns to Butler Buildings, Boats to RV’s, we have perfected the cleaning process so you can have peace-of-mind and confidence in our performance.

QualCare Cleaning, Inc. has state-of-the art equipment and knowledgeable technicians who train constantly and work hard to perfect their processes. We can save you time and money by doing various projects at one site.


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