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"If you value cleaning services in your workplace that you would use for your home ... call Qualcare Cleaning, Inc."

Peter W. Glavas,
President & CEO,
QualCare Cleaning Inc., Maid Brigade Two-Time Franchise of the Year.


In the past five years we had successful projects that required the cleaning of:

  • Exterior windows of two-story museum/restaurant in Washington, DC
  • Carpets and interior windows of embassies, private gyms, theatres and hotels in Tysons Corner, VA
  • Office lobby and reception area floors (Granite, Wood, Carpet, Stone) and Furniture in Arlington, VA Area
  • Revolving glass doors in Annapolis office building
  • Glass and carpet in several office buildings and a courthouse in Alexandria, VA
  • Executive and Reception Furniture in numerous law firms in Washington, DC
  • Carpets and windows of dozens of tax preparation offices in Northern VA area
  • Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning after new window installation of medical center.

QualCare Cleaning, Inc. has been serving businesses in the Washington Metropolitan Area with quality Carpet, Duct, Window and Upholstery cleaning services ever since our residential housecleaning customers starting referring us to their colleagues in the business community. Since then we have expanded our cleaning services, perfected our processes and grown to be a leader in your service offerings.


QualCare Cleaning offers a complete menu of cleaning services for builders, construction firms, realtors, property managers and landlords who have multiple units to care for but no enough of them to hire a staff of their own or contract with a large company.

QualCare Cleaning, Inc. offers a personalized, no-obligation estimate and, in many cases, the services you request can be done all in the SAME DAY.

Our carpet, upholstery, window, duct cleaning and power washing services come with a personalized touch and highly-trained staff. QualCare Cleaning, Inc. technicians in the Washington, DC area from Frederick to Ft. Belvoir, Ellicott City to Leesburg, Alexandria to Annapolis, the Qualcare team guarantees their work and are trained to offer a thorough review of your project.

QualCare Cleaning, Inc. prides themselves on educating and informing customers regarding the services we offer. QualCare Cleaning, Inc. provides a cleaning program that offers...


All commercial services use a variety of mixtures and solutions depending on what type of project they are doing. Most chemicals build up over time and if not properly extracted each cleaning, can cause deterioration of the fibers, therefore shorten the life of your carpet. By using Qualcare Cleaning each cleaning, you can rest assure that your carpet is being properly cared for on a consistent basis.


QualCare Cleaning, Inc. reduces the risk of any chemical contamination by FIRST NEUTRALIZING the carpeted area we are about to clean. This process removes residual chemicals that were used in solutions and mixtures from other companies or that may have been reactivated or brought in by flood or water damage).


QualCare Cleaning, Inc provides the SAME UNIFORMED, PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIANS each time we’re scheduled to visit your property - this will allow your lease representatives, security personnel and tenants to be less on the defensive when they see a QualCare Cleaning, Inc. van pull in front of the property. If new technicians are assigned to your account, we notify our point of contact and make them aware of the personnel change.


We schedule your project at your convenience. Need half of the project completed now and the rest in a week – we can handle it. Same Day Service – available in most cases. Need additional services at the time of our regularly scheduled service, no problem, our technicians are trained to evaluate a project and give you an estimate on the spot. We will even accommodate you on a SATURDAY*

*Weather Permitting- Seasonal.


At QualCare Cleaning, Inc. we have a simple mission, 1) complete the project you have scheduled in a timely manner, 2) perform the tasks requested at a level of quality second-to-none, and 3) GUARANTEE our work – if, within 24 hours, you inspect a project and are dissatisfied, a QualCare Cleaning, Inc. crew will return to perform the tasks again until you are satisfied.


To learn more about our Commercial cleaning programs, call 866-528-2273. Please note that because it's specialized nature, on-line ordering is not available for commercial service.


Curb Appeal

A workplace that is well maintained, well groomed and healthier is on the minds of everyone these days. Let Qualcare Cleaning set up a cleaning plan for your site.

  • Presents positive image to clients or prospective tenants
  • Affects office morale.
  • Increases the life.
  • Reduces replacement costs.
  • Lowers chances of complaints before, during and after occupancy
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